Leap Ahead with MongoDB Atlas

It combines the power of the cloud with a document database that puts developers in control.

Stay Ahead with Low TCO and Elastic Scaling

The auto-administration of MongoDB Atlas streamlines operations, reducing TCO and speeding progress. Unlike RDBMS, MongoDB’s built-in scale-out architecture can easily handle huge data volumes and massive traffic.

Eliminate Business and Revenue Disruptions

MongoDB Atlas, and extensions for search, data lakes, and mobile app development of MongoDB Cloud, factors out many problems that shut down growth and/or wrecks the customer experience. Downtime goes close to zero and features like Performance Adviser make tuning automatic.

A Database as Fast as You Are

In the document model of MongoDB Atlas, data becomes like code in the form of JSON documents. Developers, not DBAs, shape the data and easily map it to application objects, accelerating time to market. Learn for yourself at MongoDB University. Then make it happen!
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