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MongoDB for Telecommunications

Make data your greatest asset, in the cloud and on premises, with MongoDB and MongoDB Atlas

MongoDB Atlas 101 eWorkshop for Telecommunications

This eWorkshop will help you use MongoDB Atlas, our fully-managed database, to increase developer and DevOps productivity by streamlining operations and management in the telecommunications and media industry. MongoDB Atlas ensures that when you deploy your clusters in the cloud provider of your choice, your databases run according to operational and security best practices.

Join us on Wednesday, August 24 at 2pm EDT

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Meet tomorrow’s customer expectations, today

With 5G, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT), the data crossing your network is coming at you faster and from more places than ever before.

Traditional, relational databases can't keep up.

In the cloud, and on premises, MongoDB and MongoDB Atlas can.


How telecommunications companies can build competitive advantage with MongoDB

Accelerate Innovation, Control Costs

Whether it’s poor customer experience, stifled innovation, or prohibitive costs, legacy relational databases are costing you a fortune.

Single View

Create a comprehensive customer view today, and keep pace with the scale and data integration challenges of tomorrow.

Legacy Modernization

Build new business functionality faster, scale to millions of users anywhere on the planet, and cut costs with MongoDB and MongoDB Atlas.

AI Ready

With a flexible document model, auto scaling, an expressive query language, and secondary indexes, MongoDB is ready to help you embrace AI.

Time Series

Build and run time series applications of any scale. Quickly bring new apps to market, gain faster insights and lower costs.

5G and IoT

The speed and volume of data roaming across your network demands a modern data platform.

Telecommunications resources

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