Webinar: What's New in the PHP Driver

November 15, 2012

In this session, we'll provide an overview of recent changes to the PHP driver for MongoDB. In particular, we'll discuss the types of changes that we had to make in order to improve high availability connection handling. We'll cover best practices for configuring replica sets, and demonstrate how the PHP driver manages failover and elections within a replica set. In addition, we'll show off some new command wrappers in the latest version of the PHP driver.

Hannes Magnusson: About the speaker

Hannes is a fairly religious man (no, not that kind of religion) - a strong believer in OSS. He currently works at MongoDB, working on the PHP driver for MongoDB, and spends his free time contributing to the PHP project in all possible manners, everything from writing docs to PHP bugfixes. Even though Hannes is Icelandic, he does not (and never did) own a bank, or take part in any of the "friendships" created through them.