Les nouveautés de MongoDB 2.2

Les nouveautés de MongoDB 2.2

Wednesday October 3rd 1:00pm UTC

MongoDB 2.2 contient un large ensemble de nouvelles fonctionnalités ainsi qu'une multitude d'optimisations. Nous parlerons des améliorations du parallelisme, des fonctions d'aggregations, des collections TTL auto-nettoyantes, et du sharding tag-aware. Dans cette presentation gratuite, nous présenterons les nouveautés clés et comment mettre à jour votre deploiement de MongoDB.

Edouard Servan-Schreiber: About the speaker

Dr. Edouard Servan-Schreiber is Director for Solution Architecture at MongoDB, advising customers on how to make MongoDB make their business simpler, faster, and better. Previously, Edouard was director for cross-channel analytics at Teradata, leading projects in advanced analytics and predictive modeling with customers in all heavily data-driven industries such as telco, retail, finance, high tech manufacturing. Edouard's specialty is to help customers extract business value from their data through the wise use of technology. Edouard began practicing artificial intelligence and statistical learning models at Carnegie Mellon University for his bachelor's degree, before going to UC Berkeley for his PhD in Computer Science.

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