Webinar: What's New in Aggregation

January 31, 2013

(We suggest registering at least 30 minutes before the start of the webinar.)

In this webinar, we will introduce MongoDB’s new aggregation system that simplifies tasks like counting, averaging, and finding minima or maxima while grouping by keys in a collection. The new aggregation features are not a replacement for MapReduce but will make it possible to do a number of things much more easily without having to resort to the big hammer that is MapReduce. After introducing the syntax and usage patterns, we will give some demonstrations of aggregation using the new system.

Jeremy Mikola: About the speaker

Jeremy Mikola is a software engineer at MongoDB's NYC office. As a member of the driver and evangelism team, he helps develop the PHP driver and contributes to various OSS projects, such as Doctrine MongoDB ODM, Symfony2 and Zend Framework. Before joining MongoDB in May 2012, Jeremy worked with MongoDB for a few years at OpenSky and Exercise.com.