Partner Webinar: The Scaling Checklist for MongoDB - 100GB and beyond

September 25, 2013

MongoHQ knows there is something special about 100 GB of data. Our customers that hit 100 GB are running core pieces of their business on a scalable MongoDB platform. In this presentation, we will walk through a cloud focused scaling checklist that will help you quickly and securely blow past the 100 GB milestone. Using customer examples and best practice MongoDB use cases, we'll help prepare you to get to the data size your business needs.

Christopher Winslett: About the speaker

Chris Winslett wears many hats at MongoHQ. He commits code, participates with the on-call rotation for the MongoDB operations team, and frequently speaks at conferences on MongoDB performance. While at MongoHQ, he has helped customers optimize with 5GB, 100GB, and 1TB data sizes frame their growth capabilities. He looks for practical solutions for solving problems, and feels MongoDB excels at practical, simple models. Prior to MongoHQ, Chris developed products in financial and educational sectors.