Webinar: Getting Started with Ruby and MongoDB

November 21, 2013

This webinar introduces its audience to the basic concepts behind MongoDB and how it fits into the present day Ruby eco-system. We’ll cover the basics of getting started with MongoDB and move on to a short introduction to using the MongoDB Ruby driver as well as an introduction to a number of different tools, ODMs and libraries designed to help you seamlessly bring MongoDB into your Ruby applications. This webinar is not an introduction to Ruby itself and it does assume some level of familiarity with Ruby, but will otherwise be a very beginner friendly presentation.

Brandon Black: About the speaker

Brandon Black is a San Francisco, CA based software engineer and developer advocate at MongoDB, Inc. He is an avid open-source software contributor, a long time Rubyist and a core maintainer for the MongoDB Ruby driver. Brandon is passionate about giving back to the community and focusing on the needs of developers. Past roles include Facebook, MeLLmo where he worked on a the server back-end for a leading mobile business intelligence platform and MySpace where he had a lead role on the developer platform team.