Webinar: Build an Application Series - Session 8 - Monitoring and Performance Tuning

May 06, 2014

You've finished building your application, you've rigorously tested it and it's deployed to your servers, now what?

This final session in the 'Back To Basics' webinar series drills into monitoring and performance tuning. Fortunately, MongoDB has been fully instrumented with useful metrics so that you can identity the status of your database.

We'll be looking at which metrics are important to monitor on a regular basis to ensure the healthy performance of your application and database. In this session we'll also be looking at the tools and utilities that are available to help you achieve this.

Daniel Roberts: About the speaker

Daniel Roberts is a Solutions Architect based in London. Prior to MongoDB Daniel worked at Oracle for 11 years in a number of different positions, including Oracle's middleware technologies and strategy. Prior roles include consulting, product management, business development and more recently as a solution architect for financial services. Daniel has also worked for Novell, ICL and as a freelance contractor. He has a degree in Computer Science from Nottingham Trent University in the UK.