Webinar: MongoDB 2.4 Feature Demo and Q&A on Hash-based Sharding

May 02, 2013

(We suggest registering at least 30 minutes before the start of the webinar.)

In version 2.4, MongoDB introduces hash-based sharding, allowing the user to shard based on a randomized shard key to spread documents evenly across a cluster. Hash-based sharding is an alternative to range-based sharding, making it easier to manage your growing cluster. In this talk, we'll discuss provide an overview of this new feature and discuss the pros and cons of using a hash-based sharding vs. range-based approach.

James Kerr: About the speaker

James Kerr is a Senior Solutions Architect for MongoDB. He lives and works in the Washington D.C. area and focuses on supporting the MongoDB community and delivering solutions using MongoDB to the Federal government. James has spent 7 years in the NoSQL space and served as a Technical Director of Professional Services at MarkLogic prior to MongoDB. His technical career spans diverse areas including precise timing systems, military command and control and digital mapping, e-commerce, distributed computing platforms, search, system integration and Big Data applications.