Webinar: Data Modeling Examples in the Real World

August 15, 2013

In this session, we'll examine schema design insights and trade-offs using real world examples. We'll look at three example applications: building an email inbox, selecting a shard key for a large scale web application, and using MongoDB to store user profiles. From these examples you should leave the session with an idea of the advantages and disadvantages of various approaches to modeling your data in MongoDB. Attendees should be well versed in basic schema design.

Mike Friedman: About the speaker

Mike Friedman is a Perl Engineer & Evangelist at MongoDB. Mike is the current maintainer of the Perl MongoDB driver and is the author of a number of other CPAN modules, including Redis::Client. Prior to MongoDB, Mike has hacked Perl at a number of New York-based high-tech startups, as well as media and educational services companies.