Webinar: Building Web Applications with MongoDB and Spring

Webinar: Building Web Applications with MongoDB and Spring

Thursday November 1st 3:00pm UTC

Spring Data MongoDB provides a feature rich library for writing MongoDB applications in Java. It builds upon the Spring Framework and as such promotes a POJO programming model with a strong emphasis on productivity. In this webinar we will looking to how the The Spring MongoDB Project provides a rich object mapper, a MongoTemplate helper class to simplify common document access operations using query, criteria, and update DSLs, automatic repository interface implementations, QueryDSL integration, and cross-store persistence. We will also look into real-world use cases for simplifying application development with MongoDB and Spring framework.

Chris Harris: About the speaker

Chris Harris is a European Solution Architect at MongoDB. Prior to MongoDB, Chris was EMEA Architect at SpringSource responsible for evangelizing vFabric products and defining architectural solutions for customers across EMEA. With the acquisition of SpringSource by VMware, Chris focused on how virtualization and cloud computing can be used to address the complexity within the Enterprise. Before joining SpringSource, Chris spent his time at RedHat/JBoss providing consultancy to major clients across EMEA.

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