Webinar: Data Analytics and Business Intelligence with MongoDB and Analytica

February 12, 2013

(We suggest registering at least 30 minutes before the start of the webinar.)

This webinar will walk through how you can analyze and report on your data using Analytica, a new tool built for data analytics and business intelligence on MongoDB. In this session, we'll import data from Stack Overflow and Twitter into MongoDB and then demonstrate how you can explore, analyze, and visualize these datasets with Analytica. You'll learn how Analytica's 'JSON-everywhere' approach to analytics complements MongoDB's query language and aggregation framework allowing you create in-depth analysis and reports in minutes. We will also cover some common use cases for Analytica with web, enterprise, and mobile applications to help jump start your data analytics projects.

Nosh Petigara: About the speaker

Nosh Petigara is President at Analytica, Inc, which develops data analytics tools for non-relational databases. Prior to Analytica, Nosh was an early member of the 10gen/MongoDB team, where as director of product strategy, he helped develop 10gen’s commercial strategy for MongoDB and 10gen’s partner program. Nosh has an MBA from INSEAD and a Bachelor's and Master's in Computer Science from MIT.