Webinar: MongoDB Persistence with Java and Morphia

January 23, 2014

MongoDB is the leading noSQL database and as with any new technology, some of the biggest questions are about tools and integration. This webinar will cover how to use MongoDB from a Java application and introduce Morphia, the object document mapping library. It will cover the essential features of the framework with examples before moving on to some of the more advanced and upcoming features such as text search and aggregation framework support.

Justin Lee: About the speaker

Justin Lee is a software engineer at MongoDB, where he works on the JVM drivers team and is primarily responsible for Morphia development. He has been a Java developer since 1996 and has had the chance to work on practically every tier conceivable for applications from web front ends to custom ORM frameworks. Most notably, he was responsible for the websocket implementation available in GlassFish and Grizzly and is a member of the JSR 356 websockets expert group. Justin is an active member of the open source community and blogs less frequently than he intends at http://antwerkz.com.