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MongoDB schema design reviews

Learn MongoDB best practices for optimizing performance, scalability, and manageability of your NoSQL deployment.
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Learn essential data modeling and design patterns for your use cases with our flexible methodology. Our consistent approach in design reviews helps your team pick the best patterns and data models for your application.
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What is a schema design review?
Our NoSQL experts will discuss your data model and provide guidance, feedback, and advice on best practices to optimize your schema design for your application.

Design a data model in real time and leave the session with enough knowledge to iterate and optimize your schema design.

Why book a design review?

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Connect with data modeling experts

Our team has a wealth of experience that will benefit teams by preventing common mistakes that can significantly impact cost and performance.


Learn best practices

Our team will assess your logical model or schema, ensuring efficient design for enhanced performance and scalability.


Design a data model in real time

Leave the session with enough knowledge to iterate and optimize the design on your own.


How to prepare

Come with an understanding of your application's requirements, data access patterns, and workload characteristics.


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Learning: Schema Design for App Performance

In this Learning Byte, learn why schema choice matters in NoSQL. Discover performance factors, red flags, and explore validation practices.

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Video: Thinking in Documents

Delve into the flexible design methodology essential for exploring data modeling and design patterns tailored to specific use cases.

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Design Reviews in Practice

Discover how our design reviews help customers achieve transformative results.

Frequently asked questions

What can I expect from a MongoDB schema design review?
MongoDB schema design reviews are 1-to-1 enablement sessions with a data modeling expert, covering the early stages of your application design. Together, you will design a data model in real time and leave the session with a documented data model and enough knowledge to iterate and optimize the design on your own.
What else can I prepare ahead of time?

To make the most of the session, please be prepared to share:

  • A brief overview of the app or use-case
  • An entity relationship diagram describing your logical data model
  • List of common access patterns or queries
  • Information regarding scale and velocity of those patterns

Come with an understanding of your application's requirements, data access patterns, and workload characteristics. The session will focus on designing a schema that aligns with these needs for teams to iterate and optimize on their own.

How do I know if a design review makes sense for me?

If any of these apply, a design review is for you:

  • You are a developer, architect, or engineer
  • You have an application, use-case, or concept in mind
  • You are considering NoSQL technology and unsure about where to start
  • You are in need of expert advice when evaluating between RDBMS and NoSQL
  • You are ready to discuss your data model and workload patterns
Are there any follow-up services or support provided after the session?
Following your session, your MongoDB account representative will connect with the data modeling expert to ensure all direction and action items are covered.
Is there a cost associated with MongoDB design reviews?
No! These are free of cost.
Should I include my account team from MongoDB?
Yes! Please be sure to reach out to your Account Representative as well as anyone else on your account team: CSM, SA, Account Manager, etc.
How can I learn more about the impact of schema design reviews through customer stories or case studies?
There are several resources available to give you a better understanding of schema design and data modeling principles in MongoDB. In our blog post, MongoDB Design Reviews Help Customers Achieve Transformative Results, we break down our assessment for a customer in financial services, which led to the implementation of schema design to optimize aggregation pipeline performance. There's also an entire blog series on building with patterns that includes links to additional articles on each of the data modeling patterns you're likely to work with. You can also enroll for our free MongoDB University learning path on MongoDB Data Modeling that you can take on demand.

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