MongoDB + Hadoop: Taming the Elephant in the Room

MongoDB + Hadoop: Taming the Elephant in the Room

Thursday June 21st 3:00pm UTC

Thursday June 21st 6:00pm UTC

10gen released the Hadoop plugin for MongoDB v1.0.0. In this session, Brendan will go through how to integrate MongoDB with Hadoop for large-scale distributed data processing. Using tools like MapReduce, Pig and Streaming you will learn how to do analytics and ETL on large datasets with the ability to load and save data against MongoDB. With Hadoop MapReduce, Java and Scala programmers will find a native solution for using MapReduce to process their data with MongoDB. Programmers of all kinds will find a new way to work with ETL using Pig to extract and analyze large datasets and persist the results to MongoDB. Python and Ruby Programmers can rejoice as well in a new way to write native Mongo MapReduce using the Hadoop Streaming interfaces.

Brendan McAdams: About the speaker

Brendan McAdams is a software engineer at MongoDB, where he maintains and supports the Java driver for MongoDB, as well as providing support for alternative JVM languages. He is currently developing a Hadoop integration plugin for MongoDB.

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