MongoDB Paris 2012

MongoDB Paris 2012

June 14th


MongoDB Paris is an annual one day conference dedicated to the open source database MongoDB

At MongoDB Paris 2012, we will have one track presented by 10gen in English and one track presented by customers in French. We will present the opening remarks in both English and French.

Training Workshops

We are offering two in-depth, hands-on MongoDB workshops a day before MongoDB Paris. Workshop tickets include a free ticket to the conference. Learn More

Venue Logistics

The main sessions will be held in the Auditorium. The venue will provide wifi (username: eurosites; password: eurosites), but please do not depend on it. The Auditorium is located in the basement so cell reception will be limited. The breakout session and "Ask the Experts" will be held on Floor 1, there will also be wifi and better cell reception on this floor. Coffee, tea, and lunch breaks will be held on Floor 2.