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MongoDB Boston 2012

October 24, 2012

MongoDB Boston is an annual one-day conference in Boston, MA dedicated to the open source, non-relational database MongoDB. This year's conference will include new presentation topics, including:

  • 'Using MongoDB in the Windows Azure Cloud', Jim O'Neil, Technical Evangelist, Microsoft
  • 'Simplifying Persistence for Java and MongoDB', Jeff Yemin, Cloud Manager, 10gen
  • 'MongoDB and Fractal Tree Indexes', Tim Callaghan, VP of Engineering, Tokutek
  • 'MongoDB for Real Time Analytics', Jared Rosoff, Director of Product Marketing 10gen
  • 'MongoDB and the Cloud: Mashing up Google Maps with OpenShift', Harrison Ripps, Senior Software Engineer, OpenShift
  • A Flexible Plugin-Like Data Layer: Decouple Your Application Logic From Your Data Juan Soprano, Director of Software, Pixable Inc.
  • 'Automating a Secure MongoDB Deployment with Chef and Gazzang' Jessica Gass, Director of Online Marketing, Gazzang
  • 'Using MongoDB to Revolutionize Communications and Collaboration Architecture', presented by Douglas Hubler, Lead Architect, eZuce

MongoDB Boston Workshops

We are offering two in-depth, hands-on MongoDB workshops a day before MongoDB Boston. Each workshop is offered in both the morning (9:00-12:30) and afternoon session (1:30-5:00).

You can find the full workshop agenda here

Event Details

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