MongoDB @ WeAreDevelopers World Congress

Join MongoDB at WeAreDevelopers World Congress, June 28–July 1, 2021 and learn from MongoDB Developer Advocates, Andrew Morgan and Maxime Beugnet.

June 28 - July 01, 2021

From Zero to Mobile Developer in 45 Minutes With SwiftUI
Andrew Morgan, Staff Developer Advocate at MongoDB

Apple's SwiftUI framework has revolutionised developing native iOS apps. Gone are the storyboards, XML files, and event handlers that you used to have to wrestle with — everything is created by writing Swift code. SwiftUI apps are built by composing state-driven views, and so how you handle state is key. We'll start with a brief tour of the anatomy of a mobile app — covering both the backend and frontend components. The bulk of the session will be devoted to a hands-on demonstration of building a simple chat app. The app lets users register, login and then join a chatroom of their choice. Once in a chat room, users can share messages with other members.While the app is simple, it solves some complex distributed data issues, with real-time syncing of data between your backend database and your mobile apps. Realm is also available for other platforms, such as Android, and so the same backend and data can be shared with all versions of your app.

40 Minutes to Build a Serverless COVID-19 REST and GraphQL APIs
Maxime Beugnet, Sr. Developer Advocate at MongoDB

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Johns Hopkins University worked on gathering and refining data from multiple sources and provided the world with a Github repository and a bunch of CSV files. The Problem? It’s nearly impossible to build anything from raw data like this.

In this live coding session, MongoDB Developer Advocate Maxime Beugnet will show you how to build a serverless REST and a GraphQL API based on this dataset using Python and the MongoDB Data Platform. We are finally going to put serverless and the MongoDB generous free tier to good use!