Geospatial Indexing with MongoDB

Geospatial Indexing with MongoDB

Monday October 17th 5:30pm UTC

Geospatial indexing can be a make it or break it feature for many engineers working on applications like foursquare's location-based social network, or even WordSquared, a massively multiplayer online game. Greg Studer, the core maintainer and developer of MongoDB's geospatial indexing features, will discuss in depth how to successfully utilize the tool in your application. There will be time for Q&A; from the audience towards the end of the session.

Greg Studer: About the speaker

Greg works on various aspects of the MongoDB core server. Prior to MongoDB, he completed a PhD at the University of Sussex and Masters at Cornell where he studied multi-agent simulation and computational scaling through assembly. He began his career working on various projects at IBM related to enterprise configuration and modeling, and legacy systems integration.

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