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Staying one step ahead of payments fraud with Featurespace and MongoDB

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presentation promo image
How money, data and fraud are three areas that are often intertwined

Globally, payments fraud is constantly changing and evolving as consumers and businesses demand more digital experiences and payments services. With the number of transactions constantly rising, service providers must be able to determine if they are genuine and processed smoothly, while avoiding fraudulent ones.

Preventative technology is key and constantly evolving, but so is fraud. A recent global survey conducted by Celent shows that 74% of corporates are willing to pay for improved security and fraud prevention.

The payment service providers that succeed will be those that can stay one step ahead and protect their customers and stop fraudulent activity in its tracks. But how can this be achieved?

In this on-demand webinar during International Fraud Awareness Week, we discussed:

  • The state of the industry with emerging patterns and trends
  • How organisations can overcome data silos and improve speed to action with data all in one place to detect fraud
  • How to bring fraud prevention to life with MongoDB and Featurespace
  • Real-life case studies on fraud prevention implementations and achieving measurable results

You will hear from:

  • Boris Bialek

    , Global Head of Industry Solutions, MongoDB

  • Sean Neary

    , Senior Product Officer, Featurespace

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