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MongoDB Atlas: Try the best way to run MongoDB in the cloud

MongoDB Atlas is our fully-managed cloud database and gives you the best MongoDB experience in the cloud. Deploy a production-ready MongoDB cluster on AWS, Azure, or GCP with a few clicks. Load your data. Then as needed, scale your cluster size up or down, enable backups, add indexes, or make deployment changes in a fraction of the time it would take to make by hand.
Also take advantage of cloud-only capabilities, such as:
  • Turnkey global distribution — Easily deploy a global cluster that provides low latency, responsive reads and writes to applications and users anywhere.
  • Triggers — In real-time, launch functions in response to changes in the database.
  • Cloud data mobility — Leverage fully managed backups for DR or for quickly creating new test/dev environments. Queryable snapshots allow you to rapidly restore or move data at the document level.
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