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MongoDB Atlas
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Deploy, operate, and scale a MongoDB database in the cloud with just a few clicks. Fully elastic and highly available by default, MongoDB Atlas is the easiest way to try out the latest version of the database, MongoDB 3.6.

  • Available where you are — MongoDB Atlas is available in over 50 cloud regions on AWS, Azure, and GCP.

  • Secure from the start — Authentication, network isolation, encryption, and role-based access controls keep your data protected. MongoDB Atlas has been independently audited and confirmed to meet privacy and compliance standards.

  • Continuous backups — MongoDB Atlas includes a continuous backup solution with point-in-time restores and queryable snapshots, which allow you to perform queries against your backup snapshots and restore data at the document level in minutes.

  • Comprehensive monitoring and customizable alerts — Optimized dashboards highlight key historical metrics. View performance in real-time, customize alerts, or dig into the details with ease. Easily integrate with Datadog, New Relic, Sumo Logic and other monitoring tools.

  • Live migration — Live migrate your data into MongoDB Atlas with minimal impact to your application.

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Current Stable Release (3.6.5)
05/21/2018: Release Notes | Changelog
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Deploy a free cluster in the cloud with MongoDB Atlas, our database service that gets you up and running in minutes.