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mongod.exe is the build of the MongoDB daemon (i.e. mongod) for the Windows platform. mongod.exe has all of the features of mongod on Unix-like platforms and is completely compatible with the other builds of mongod. In addition, mongod.exe provides several options for interacting with the Windows platform itself.

This document only references options that are unique to mongod.exe. mongod.exe supports all mongod options except those with documented Windows incompatibility. See the mongod and the Configuration File Options documents for more information on mongod options not listed here.

To install and use mongod.exe, read the Install MongoDB Community Edition on Windows document.


Installs mongod.exe as a Windows Service and exits.

If needed, you can install services for multiple instances of mongod.exe. Install each service with a unique --serviceName and --serviceDisplayName. Use multiple instances only when sufficient system resources exist and your system design requires it.


Removes the mongod.exe Windows Service. If mongod.exe is running, this operation will stop and then remove the service.

--remove requires the --serviceName if you configured a non-default --serviceName during the --install operation.


Removes mongod.exe and reinstalls mongod.exe as a Windows Service.

--serviceName name

Default: MongoDB

Sets the service name of mongod.exe when running as a Windows Service. Use this name with the net start <name> and net stop <name> operations.

You must use --serviceName in conjunction with either the --install or --remove option.

--serviceDisplayName <name>

Default: MongoDB

Sets the name listed for MongoDB on the Services administrative application.

--serviceDescription <description>

Default: MongoDB Server

Sets the mongod.exe service description.

You must use --serviceDescription in conjunction with the --install option.

For descriptions that contain spaces, you must enclose the description in quotes.

--serviceUser <user>

Runs the mongod.exe service in the context of a certain user. This user must have "Log on as a service" privileges.

You must use --serviceUser in conjunction with the --install option.

--servicePassword <password>

Sets the password for <user> for mongod.exe when running with the --serviceUser option.

You must use --servicePassword in conjunction with the --install option.





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