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$sample (aggregation)

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Randomly selects the specified number of documents from the input documents.

The $sample stage has the following syntax:

{ $sample: { size: <positive integer N> } }

N is the number of documents to randomly select.

If all of the following conditions are true, $sample uses a pseudo-random cursor to select the N documents:

  • $sample is the first stage of the pipeline.

  • N is less than 5% of the total documents in the collection.


    You can't configure the threshold that $sample uses to determine when to scan the entire collection. The thresholds is 5%. If the size is greater than 5% of the total number of documents in the collection, $sample performs a top-k sort by a generated random value. The top-k sort could spill to disk if the sample documents are larger than 100MB.

  • The collection contains more than 100 documents.

If any of the previous conditions are false, $sample:

  • Reads all documents that are output from a preceding aggregation stage or a collection scan.

  • Performs a random sort to select N documents. Random sorts are subject to the sort memory restrictions.


    Views are the result of aggregation pipelines. When you use $sample on a view, MongoDB appends the stage to the end of the view's aggregation pipeline syntax. Therefore, the $sample stage on a view is never the first stage and always results in a collection scan.

This section shows an aggregation pipeline example that uses the following users collection:

db.users.insertMany( [
{ _id : 1, name : "dave123", q1 : true, q2 : true },
{ _id : 2, name : "dave2", q1 : false, q2 : false },
{ _id : 3, name : "ahn", q1 : true, q2 : true },
{ _id : 4, name : "li", q1 : true, q2 : false },
{ _id : 5, name : "annT", q1 : false, q2 : true },
{ _id : 6, name : "li", q1 : true, q2 : true },
{ _id : 7, name : "ty", q1 : false, q2 : true }
] )

The following aggregation operation randomly selects 3 documents from the collection:

[ { $sample: { size: 3 } } ]

The operation returns three random documents.


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