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Atlas Stream Processing Methods


mongosh Methods

The methods listed on this table of contents page are mongosh methods. This is not the documentation for Node.js or other programming language specific driver methods.

In most cases, mongosh methods work the same way as the legacy mongo shell methods. However, some legacy methods are unavailable in mongosh.

For the legacy mongo shell documentation, refer to the documentation for the corresponding MongoDB Server release:

mongo shell v4.4

For MongoDB API drivers, refer to the language specific MongoDB driver documentation.

Atlas Stream Processors let you perform aggregation operations against streams of continuous data using the same data model and query API that you use with at-rest data.

Use the following methods to manage Stream Processors


The following methods can only be run on deployments hosted on MongoDB Atlas.


For details on a specific method, including syntax and examples, click on the link to the method's reference page.

Creates a stream processor.
Lists all existing connections in the connection registry of the current stream processing instance.
Lists all existing stream processors on the current stream processing instance.
Creates an ephemeral stream processor.
Deletes an existing stream processor.
Returns an array of sampled results from a currently running stream processor.
Starts an existing stream processor.
Returns statistics summarizing an existing stream processor.
Stops a currently running stream processor.
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