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  • Aggregation Resources

You can run aggregation pipelines in the UI for deployments hosted in MongoDB Atlas.

Aggregation Commands
The reference for the data aggregation commands, which provide the interfaces to MongoDB's aggregation capability.
Aggregation Stages
Reference for aggregation pipeline stages. Aggregation pipelines are made up of an array of stages. Documents pass through each stage in sequence.
Aggregation Operators
Reference for aggregation pipeline operators. Use operators in stages to modify documents and perform calculations.
Variables in Aggregation Expressions
Use of variables in aggregation pipeline expressions.
SQL to Aggregation Mapping Chart
An overview common aggregation operations in SQL and MongoDB using the aggregation pipeline and operators in MongoDB and common SQL statements.
Aggregation Commands Comparison
A comparison of mapReduce and aggregate commands.
Practical MongoDB Aggregations (e-book)
For more information on aggregations, read the Practical MongoDB Aggregations e-book.


Example with User Preference Data


Aggregation Commands