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Create your Queryable Encryption Enabled Application

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This guide shows you how to build an application that implements Queryable Encryption to automatically encrypt and decrypt document fields.

After you complete the steps in this guide, you should have a working client application that is ready for inserting documents with fields encrypted with your Customer Master Key.

Ensure you have completed the following prerequisite tasks before creating your application:

  1. Install a Queryable Encryption compatible driver and dependencies

  2. Install and configure a Queryable Encryption library

  3. Create a Customer Master Key


See: Full Application

To see the complete code for this sample application, select the tab corresponding to your programming language and follow the provided link. Each sample application repository includes a file that you can use to learn how to set up your environment and run the application.

Select the tab for your key provider below.

After installing a driver and dependencies, creating a Customer Master Key, and creating your application, see Overview: Use Queryable Encryption to encrypt and query data.

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