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Sharded Cluster Administration

Config Server Administration
This section contains articles and tutorials related to sharded cluster config server administration
View Cluster Configuration
View status information about the cluster's databases, shards, and chunks.
Restart a Sharded Cluster
Stop and restart a sharded cluster.
Migrate a Sharded Cluster to Different Hardware
Migrate a sharded cluster to a different hardware system, for example, when moving a pre-production environment to production.
Add Shards to a Cluster
Add a shard to add capacity to a sharded cluster.
Add a Member to a Shard
Add a member to a shard in a sharded cluster.
Remove Shards from an Existing Sharded Cluster
Migrate a single shard's data and remove the shard.
Clear jumbo Flag
Manually clear jumbo flag from a chunk.
Back Up Cluster Metadata
Create a backup of a sharded cluster's metadata while keeping the cluster operational.
Convert Sharded Cluster to Replica Set
Convert a sharded cluster into a single replica set.
Convert a Replica Set to a Sharded Cluster
Convert a replica set to a sharded cluster in which each shard is its own replica set.
Drop a Hashed Shard Key Index
Drop a Hashed Shard Key Index.


The AutoMerger


Config Server Administration