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Release Notes for MongoDB 6.2

On this page

  • Patch Releases
  • Collection Validation
  • Sharding
  • taskExecutorPoolSize Setting on Linux
  • serverStatus Metrics
  • Server Parameters
  • Deprecated Commands
  • Report an Issue


MongoDB 6.2 is a rapid release and is only supported for MongoDB Atlas. MongoDB 6.2 is not supported for use on-premises. For more information, see MongoDB Versioning.


Past Release Limitations

Some past releases have critical issues. These releases are not recommended for production use. Use the latest available patch release version instead.

Affected Versions
6.2.0 (ARM64 or POWER system architectures)

Issues fixed:

  • SERVER-46478 Add opLatencies to mongoS serverStatus

  • SERVER-60553 Secondary replica set initial sync errors with "NotWritablePrimary: Not-primary error while processing 'find' operation on 'database_production' database via fire-and-forget command execution."

  • SERVER-61909 Hang inserting or deleting document with large number of index entries

  • SERVER-71759 dataSize command doesn't yield

  • SERVER-73822 Time-series $group rewrite ignores certain accumulators

  • All JIRA issues closed in 6.2.1

  • 6.2.1 Changelog

The rest of this page provides the 6.2.0 release notes:

Starting in MongoDB 6.2, the validate command and db.collection.validate() method:

  • Check collections to ensure the BSON documents conform to the BSON specifications.

  • Check time series collections for internal data inconsistencies.

  • Have a new option checkBSONConformance that enables comprehensive BSON checks.

Starting in version 6.2, MongoDB removes the maxSize field from the addShard command. As a result:

  • Running addShard with the maxSize field returns an InvalidOptions error.

  • New documents in the shards collection no longer include the maxSize field.

  • Any pre-existing maxSize field entries are ignored.

When running MongoDB 6.2 or newer on Linux, you cannot modify the taskExecutorPoolSize from the default value of 1. You may modify this parameter when running MongoDB on Windows or macOS.

Starting in MongoDB 6.2, the serverStatus command output includes these new fields:

Starting in MongoDB 6.2, the serverStatus command and the db.serverStatus() method report the opLatencies metric for mongos instances. Latencies reported by mongos include operation latency time and communication time between the mongod and mongos instances.

Starting in MongoDB 6.2, mongod adds these parameters:

Starting in MongoDB 6.2, the following database commands are deprecated:

Use the $collStats and $currentOp aggregation stages instead.

To report an issue, see for instructions on how to file a JIRA ticket for the MongoDB server or one of the related projects.

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