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Release Notes for MongoDB 1.4

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  • Upgrading
  • Core Server Enhancements
  • Replication and Sharding
  • Deployment and Production
  • Query Language Improvements
  • Geo

We're pleased to announce the 1.4 release of MongoDB. 1.4 is a drop-in replacement for 1.2. To upgrade you just need to shutdown mongod, then restart with the new binaries. (Users upgrading from release 1.0 should review the 1.2 release notes, in particular the instructions for upgrading the DB format.)

Release 1.4 includes the following improvements over release 1.2:

  • concurrency improvements

  • indexing memory improvements

  • background index creation

  • better detection of regular expressions so the index can be used in more cases

  • better handling for restarting slaves offline for a while

  • fast new slaves from snapshots (--fastsync)

  • configurable slave delay (--slavedelay)

  • replication handles clock skew on master

  • $inc replication fixes

  • sharding alpha 3 - notably 2-phase commit on config servers

  • configure "slow threshold" for profiling

  • ability to do fsync + lock for backing up raw files

  • option for separate directory per db (--directoryperdb)

  • http://localhost:28017/_status to get serverStatus via http

  • REST interface is off by default for security (--rest to enable)

  • can rotate logs with a db command, logRotate

  • enhancements to serverStatus command (db.serverStatus()) - counters and replication lag stats

  • new mongostat tool

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