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Text Index Restrictions

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  • One Text Index per Collection
  • Text Search and Hints
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  • Text Index and Sort
  • Compound Text Index
  • Collation Option

Text indexes have these restrictions:

A collection can have at most one text index.

Atlas Search (available in MongoDB Atlas) supports multiple full-text search indexes on a single collection. To learn more, see the Atlas Search documentation.

If a query includes a $text expression, you cannot use hint() to specify which index to use for the query.

If the $search string of a $text operation includes a phrase and individual terms, $text only matches the documents that include the phrase.

You cannot use the $text operator with multiple phrases.

Text indexes cannot improve performance for sort operations. This restriction applies to both single-field and compound text indexes.

A compound index can include a text index key in combination with ascending and descending index keys. However, compound text indexes have these restrictions:

  • A compound text index cannot include any other special index types, such as multikey or geospatial index fields.

  • If the compound text index includes keys preceding the text index key, to use $text, the query predicate must include equality match conditions on the preceding keys.

  • When you create a compound text index, all text index keys must be listed adjacently in the index specification document.

For examples of compound text indexes, see these pages:

Text indexes only support binary comparison, and do not support the collation option. Binary comparison compares the numeric Unicode value of each character in each string, and does not account for letter case or accent marks.

To create a text index on a collection that has a non-simple collation, you must explicitly specify { collation: { locale: "simple" } } when you create the index.

For example, consider a collection named collationTest with a collation of { locale: "en" }:

collation: { locale: "en" }

To create a text index on the collationTest collection, you must specify { collation: { locale: "simple" } }. The following command creates a text index on the quotes field:

quotes: "text"
collation: { locale: "simple" }


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