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5.2 Changelog

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  • 5.2.1 Changelog
  • SERVER-58622 DDL coordinator handle write concern error incorrectly when removing coordinator document
  • SERVER-61444 Resharding uses of bumpCollectionVersionAndChangeMetadataInTxn are not idempotent
  • SERVER-61628 Do not reschedule range deletion task when numDeleted < numDocsToRemovePerBatch
  • SERVER-61755 Migration recovery should handle refined shard key
  • SERVER-62065 Upgrade path from 3.6 to 4.0 can leave chunk entries without history on the shards
  • SERVER-62072 _configsvrReshardCollection may return without having waited for unsetting "reshardingFields" to replicate to majority
  • SERVER-62171 Add logs to output of runConcurrentMoveChunk in sharding_statistics_server_status.js
  • SERVER-62178 Resharding can fail with NamespaceNotSharded if recipient primary fails over before creating temporary resharding collection
  • SERVER-62207 ReshardCollection with small maxTimeMS can crash the shard due to incorrect BSON object lifetime
  • SERVER-59754 Incorrect logging of queryHash/planCacheKey for operations that share the same $lookup shape
  • SERVER-62230 Forward port new exhaust cursor tests to the master branch
  • SERVER-62981 Make SBE multi-planner's trial period termination condition independent of collection size
  • SERVER-53993 Attach client strand before releasing the opCtx in AsyncCommandExecution tests
  • SERVER-59366 Progress monitor for periodic health check
  • SERVER-59394 Setup integration test simulating ldap failure scenario
  • SERVER-59779 Call asCluster() before replSetFreeze in ReplSetTest
  • SERVER-60848 Log which engine was used for processing a query
  • SERVER-60974 Multiversion suites are overwritting receiveChunkWaitForRangeDeleterTimeoutMS
  • SERVER-61592 Querying with ms precision does not return expected results (TS collection)
  • SERVER-61662 SCons configure checks should always run with verbosity
  • SERVER-61923 Shell's consistency checker can mask an error
  • SERVER-61996 Improve performance of DocumentStorage::appendField
  • SERVER-62010 Change DurableCatalog::Entry nss field to TenantNamespace
  • SERVER-62017 Enable all feature flags by default in the sys-perf all feature flags variant
  • SERVER-62085 Use more bits for hashedMultikeyMetadataPaths in validation
  • SERVER-62153 max_time_ms_repl_targeting.js should succeed if the test step succeeds at least once
  • SERVER-62274 Add FCV testing for featureFlagSortArray
  • SERVER-62277 Performance regression from dbstats due to occupied disk space calculation
  • SERVER-62285 validate cachedir add push failure debug messages
  • SERVER-62312 Enable feature flag in 4.4 backport and other housekeeping
  • SERVER-62368 Range deleter must honor rangeDeleterBatchDelayMS
  • SERVER-62371 Syntax error on rare code path in ldap_mongos_health_checking.js
  • SERVER-62373 LDAP health check integration test should assert stats
  • SERVER-62380 Wait for majority commit point to be advanced on each node before starting rollback test in rollback_set_fcv.js
  • SERVER-62392 Prevent timeseries lookup jstests from running in unsupported multiversion environments
  • SERVER-62397 Robustify exact_top_n_feature_flag.js
  • SERVER-62436 Add additional tests of sort/densify/sort optimizations
  • SERVER-62464 Move remediation script to permanent location
  • SERVER-62518 Creating a collection with changeStreamPreAndPostImages enabled in a transaction crashes the server
  • SERVER-62549 Disable renew_ssl_cert in sys-perf on old branches
  • SERVER-62550 Lower BSONColumn roundtrip memory usage in validate
  • SERVER-62592 Make timeseries_sharding_admin_commands.js clearJumboFlag test more resilient
  • SERVER-62621 IDL compatibility checker should check brand new commands
  • SERVER-62650 RecordStore RecordId initialization can deadlock transactions with cache eviction
  • SERVER-62651 Add enable all feature flags by default feature to Enable all feature flags by default to microbenchmark project.
  • SERVER-62662 Backport relevant memory race fixes to 5.2 branch for enterprise_ldap_test
  • SERVER-62680 validate cachedir make local tmp to ensure successful copy
  • SERVER-62682 PrimaryOnlyService Does Not Call _rebuildCV.notify_all() leading to calls to waitForConditionOrInterrupt not being triggered
  • SERVER-62712 validate cachedir isolate cache errors to only the cache debug log file
  • SERVER-62794 Fix BucketCatalog memory threshold initialization
  • SERVER-62829 query_hash_stability.js should not run in passthrough suites that do downgrades
  • SERVER-62948 Ensure FTDC collectors don't have a read timestamp
  • SERVER-63008 [SBE] $concatArrays implementation should account for 0 children
  • SERVER-63010 Ensure that unpacking measurements doesn't overwrite pushedown addFields that are computed on meta data
  • SERVER-63012 Initialize $add with no operands to zero when translating to SBE
  • SERVER-63097 stepdown_race_with_transaction.js should use the "uses_transactions" tag.
  • SERVER-63102 Make separate internalQueryPlanEvaluationWorks knobs for the classic and SBE multi-planners
  • SERVER-63121 Add more logging to abort_in_progress_transactions_on_step_up.js
  • SERVER-63141 Difference in $lookup/$redact/$let behaviour with pipeline optimization
  • SERVER-63145 Query $densify produces incorrect results with optimizations enabled
  • SERVER-63197 Pin microbenchmarks genny version
  • SERVER-63250 Fix implicitly sharding timeseries collections feature flag check
  • SERVER-63432 Transferring large file to repo
  • SERVER-63527 [5.2 only] Add tag to timeseries_id_range.js to stop it running on multiversion suites
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