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Removes a one or more roles from a user on the database where the roles exist. The revokeRolesFromUser command uses the following syntax:

{ revokeRolesFromUser: "<user>",
roles: [
{ role: "<role>", db: "<database>" } | "<role>",
writeConcern: { <write concern> },
comment: <any>

The command has the following fields:

The user to remove roles from.
The roles to remove from the user.

Optional. The level of write concern for the operation. See Write Concern Specification.


Optional. A user-provided comment to attach to this command. Once set, this comment appears alongside records of this command in the following locations:

A comment can be any valid BSON type (string, integer, object, array, etc).

New in version 4.4.

In the roles field, you can specify both built-in roles and user-defined roles.

To specify a role that exists in the same database where revokeRolesFromUser runs, you can either specify the role with the name of the role:


Or you can specify the role with a document, as in:

{ role: "<role>", db: "<database>" }

To specify a role that exists in a different database, specify the role with a document.

You must have the revokeRole action on a database to revoke a role on that database.

The accountUser01 user in the products database has the following roles:

"roles" : [
{ "role" : "assetsReader",
"db" : "assets"
{ "role" : "read",
"db" : "stock"
{ "role" : "readWrite",
"db" : "products"

The following revokeRolesFromUser command removes the two of the user's roles: the read role on the stock database and the readWrite role on the products database, which is also the database on which the command runs:

use products
db.runCommand( { revokeRolesFromUser: "accountUser01",
roles: [
{ role: "read", db: "stock" },
writeConcern: { w: "majority" }
} )

The user accountUser01 in the products database now has only one remaining role:

"roles" : [
{ "role" : "assetsReader",
"db" : "assets"
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