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Data Center Awareness

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MongoDB provides a number of features that allow application developers and database administrators to customize the behavior of a sharded cluster or replica set deployment so that MongoDB may be more "data center aware," or allow operational and location-based separation.

MongoDB also supports workload isolation based on functional parameters, to ensure that certain mongod instances are only used for reporting workloads or that certain high-frequency portions of a sharded collection only exist on specific shards.

The following documents, found either in this section or other sections of this manual, provide information on customizing a deployment for operation- and location-based separation:

Workload Isolation in MongoDB Deployments
MongoDB lets you specify that certain application operations use certain mongod instances.
A zone represents one or more ranges of shard key values for a sharded collection. MongoDB routes reads and writes for sharded data covered by a zone only to shards inside that zone. For use in managing data distribution and deployment patterns.
Manage Shard Zones
Administrative tasks related to configuring zones in sharded clusters
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