This version of the documentation is archived and no longer supported.

String Aggregation Operators

String expressions, with the exception of $concat, only have a well-defined behavior for strings of ASCII characters.

$concat behavior is well-defined regardless of the characters used.

Name Description
$concat Concatenates any number of strings.
$substr Returns a substring of a string, starting at a specified index position up to a specified length. Accepts three expressions as arguments: the first argument must resolve to a string, and the second and third arguments must resolve to integers.
$toLower Converts a string to lowercase. Accepts a single argument expression.
$toUpper Converts a string to uppercase. Accepts a single argument expression.
$strcasecmp Performs case-insensitive string comparison and returns: 0 if two strings are equivalent, 1 if the first string is greater than the second, and -1 if the first string is less than the second.