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db.setProfilingLevel(level, slowms)

Modifies the current database profiler level used by the database profiling system to capture data about performance. The method provides a wrapper around the database command profile.

Parameter Type Description
level integer Specifies a profiling level, which is either 0 for no profiling, 1 for only slow operations, or 2 for all operations.
slowms integer Optional. Sets the threshold in milliseconds for the profile to consider a query or operation to be slow.

The level chosen can affect performance. It also can allow the server to write the contents of queries to the log, which might have information security implications for your deployment.

Configure the slowOpThresholdMs option to set the threshold for the profiler to consider a query “slow.” Specify this value in milliseconds to override the default, 100ms.

mongod writes the output of the database profiler to the system.profile collection.

mongod prints information about queries that take longer than the slowOpThresholdMs to the log even when the database profiler is not active.