This version of the documentation is archived and no longer supported.



Returns a document that provides an overview of the database process’s state.

Changed in version 3.0: The server status output no longer includes the workingSet, indexCounters, and recordStats sections.

This command provides a wrapper around the database command serverStatus.

Changed in version 2.4: In 2.4 you can dynamically suppress portions of the db.serverStatus() output, or include suppressed sections in a document passed to the db.serverStatus() method, as in the following example:

db.serverStatus( { repl: 0, locks: 0 } )
db.serverStatus( { metrics: 0, locks: 0 } )

serverStatus includes all fields by default, except rangeDeleter and some content in the repl document.


You may only dynamically include top-level fields from the serverStatus document that are not included by default. You can exclude any field that serverStatus includes by default.

See also

serverStatus for complete documentation of the output of this function. For an example of the output, see Server Status Output.