This version of the documentation is archived and no longer supported.

MongoDB CRUD Concepts

The Read Operations and Write Operations documents introduce the behavior and operations of read and write operations for MongoDB deployments.

Read Operations

Queries are the core operations that return data in MongoDB. Introduces queries, their behavior, and performances.

Queries return iterable objects, called cursors, that hold the full result set.
Query Optimization
Analyze and improve query performance.
Distributed Queries
Describes how sharded clusters and replica sets affect the performance of read operations.
Write Operations

Write operations insert, update, or remove documents in MongoDB. Introduces data create and modify operations, their behavior, and performances.

Atomicity and Transactions
Describes write operation atomicity in MongoDB.
Distributed Write Operations
Describes how MongoDB directs write operations on sharded clusters and replica sets and the performance characteristics of these operations.

Continue reading from Write Operations for additional background on the behavior of data modification operations in MongoDB.