This version of the documentation is archived and no longer supported.

MongoDB CRUD Tutorials

The following tutorials provide instructions for querying and modifying data. For a higher-level overview of these operations, see MongoDB CRUD Operations.

Insert Documents
Insert new documents into a collection.
Query Documents
Find documents in a collection using search criteria.
Modify Documents
Modify documents in a collection
Remove Documents
Remove documents from a collection.
Limit Fields to Return from a Query
Limit which fields are returned by a query.
Limit Number of Elements in an Array after an Update
Use $push with modifiers to sort and maintain an array of fixed size.
Iterate a Cursor in the mongo Shell
Access documents returned by a find query by iterating the cursor, either manually or using the iterator index.
Analyze Query Performance
Use query introspection (i.e. explain) to analyze the efficiency of queries and determine how a query uses available indexes.
Perform Two Phase Commits
Use two-phase commits when writing data to multiple documents.
Update Document if Current
Update a document only if it has not changed since it was last read.
Create an Auto-Incrementing Sequence Field
Describes how to create an incrementing sequence number for the _id field using a Counters Collection or an Optimistic Loop.