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Administration Tutorials

The administration tutorials provide specific step-by-step instructions for performing common MongoDB setup, maintenance, and configuration operations.

Configuration, Maintenance, and Analysis

Describes routine management operations, including configuration and performance analysis.

Manage mongod Processes
Start, configure, and manage running mongod process.
Rotate Log Files
Archive the current log files and start new ones.

Continue reading from Configuration, Maintenance, and Analysis for additional tutorials of fundamental MongoDB maintenance procedures.

Backup and Recovery

Outlines procedures for data backup and restoration with mongod instances and deployments.

Backup and Restore with Filesystem Snapshots
An outline of procedures for creating MongoDB data set backups using system-level file snapshot tool, such as LVM or native storage appliance tools.
Backup and Restore Sharded Clusters
Detailed procedures and considerations for backing up sharded clusters and single shards.
Recover a Standalone after an Unexpected Shutdown
Recover data from MongoDB data files that were not properly closed or have an invalid state.

Continue reading from Backup and Recovery for additional tutorials of MongoDB backup and recovery procedures.

MongoDB Scripting
An introduction to the scripting capabilities of the mongo shell and the scripting capabilities embedded in MongoDB instances.
MongoDB Tutorials
A complete list of tutorials in the MongoDB Manual that address MongoDB operation and use.

See also

The MongoDB Manual contains administrative documentation and tutorials though out several sections. See Replica Set Tutorials and Sharded Cluster Tutorials for additional tutorials and information.