This version of the documentation is archived and no longer supported.

Configuration, Maintenance, and Analysis

The following tutorials describe routine management operations, including configuration and performance analysis:

Disable Transparent Huge Pages (THP)
Describes Transparent Huge Pages (THP) and provides detailed instructions on disabling them.
Use Database Commands
The process for running database commands that provide basic database operations.
Manage mongod Processes
Start, configure, and manage running mongod process.
Terminate Running Operations
Stop in progress MongoDB client operations using db.killOp() and maxTimeMS().
Analyze Performance of Database Operations
Collect data that introspects the performance of query and update operations on a mongod instance.
Rotate Log Files
Archive the current log files and start new ones.
Manage Journaling
Describes the procedures for configuring and managing MongoDB’s journaling system which allows MongoDB to provide crash resiliency and durability.
Store a JavaScript Function on the Server
Describes how to store JavaScript functions on a MongoDB server.
Upgrade to the Latest Revision of MongoDB
Introduces the basic process for upgrading a MongoDB deployment between different minor release versions.
Monitor MongoDB With SNMP on Linux
The SNMP extension, available in MongoDB Enterprise, allows MongoDB to provide database metrics via SNMP.
Monitor MongoDB Windows with SNMP
The SNMP extension, available in the Windows build of MongoDB Enterprise, allows MongoDB to provide database metrics via SNMP.
Troubleshoot SNMP
Outlines common errors and diagnostic processes useful for deploying MongoDB Enterprise with SNMP support.