This version of the documentation is archived and no longer supported.

MongoDB Scripting

The mongo shell is an interactive JavaScript shell for MongoDB, and is part of all MongoDB distributions. This section provides an introduction to the shell, and outlines key functions, operations, and use of the mongo shell. Also consider FAQ: The mongo Shell and the shell method and other relevant reference material.


Most examples in the MongoDB Manual use the mongo shell; however, many drivers provide similar interfaces to MongoDB.

Server-side JavaScript
Details MongoDB’s support for executing JavaScript code for server-side operations.
Data Types in the mongo Shell
Describes the super-set of JSON available for use in the mongo shell.
Write Scripts for the mongo Shell
An introduction to the mongo shell for writing scripts to manipulate data and administer MongoDB.
Getting Started with the mongo Shell
Introduces the use and operation of the MongoDB shell.
Access the mongo Shell Help Information
Describes the available methods for accessing online help for the operation of the mongo interactive shell.
mongo Shell Quick Reference
A high level reference to the use and operation of the mongo shell.