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Compatibility Changes in MongoDB 7.2

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MongoDB 7.3 is a rapid release and is only supported for MongoDB Atlas. MongoDB 7.3 is not supported for use on-premises. For more information, see MongoDB Versioning.

Starting in MongoDB 7.2, the output of explain().aggregate() on sharded clusters is the same for both sharded and unsharded collections. The output is under the shards field.

Starting in MongoDB 7.2, the serverStatus command and the db.serverStatus() method have these output changes:

Starting in MongoDB 7.2, you can't specify wiredTiger storage engine encryption options when you create a collection with db.createCollection(). To configure encryption for the WiredTiger storage engine, see Encryption at Rest.

Starting in MongoDB 7.2, the routingTableCacheChunkBucketSize parameter's value must be greater than 0. Previously, this value could equal to 0.

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