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7.2 Changelog

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  • 7.2.2 Changelog
  • 7.2.1 Changelog
  • SERVER-83483 Azure E2E Machine Flow Tests Getting Incorrect Credentials from EVG

  • SERVER-84723 Sharded multi-document transactions can observe partial effects of concurrent DDL operations

  • SERVER-86873 Exclude transitionFromDedicatedConfigServer from running in mixed version jstests/sharding/database_versioning_all_commands.js on 7.2

  • SERVER-77667 Prevent mongos from starting new transactions at shutdown

  • SERVER-81508 Potential double-execution of write statements when ShardCannotRefreshDueToLocksHeld is thrown

  • SERVER-83775 Do not balance data between shards owning more than the ideal data size

  • SERVER-84738 Fix Data Race in ReshardingCollectionCloner

  • SERVER-83470 Introduce internalQueryFrameworkControl setting for 6.0-style engine selection logic

  • SERVER-84595 Delete invalid test jstests/noPassthrough/out_majority_read_replset.js

SERVER-82929 $listSearchIndexes requires find privilege action rather than listSearchIndexes privilege action as it intended

WT-11062 Safe free the ref addr to allow concurrent access

  • WT-11845 Fix transaction visibility issue with truncate

  • WT-11911 Fix use-after-free with bounded cursor and search_near

  • WT-12036 Workaround for lock contention on Windows

  • SERVER-72703 Downgrade $out's db lock to MODE_IX

  • SERVER-79486 Increase the cardinality of the new shard key

  • SERVER-80363 server default writeConcern is not honored when wtimeout is set

  • SERVER-81313 change streams fail to re-parse their own representative query shape serialization for ResumeToken

  • SERVER-81496 Weird shapification behavior for $convert/$toString

  • SERVER-81517 blacklist validate_db_metadata_command.js from migrations suite

  • SERVER-81994 $densify range doesn't re-parse correctly

  • SERVER-82197 Incorrect query results in SBE if $group spills in presence of collation

  • SERVER-82221 listCollections and listIndexes should include commit-pending namespaces

  • SERVER-82313 Fix cancelling txn api from the caller

  • SERVER-82353 Multi-document transactions can miss documents when movePrimary runs concurrently

  • SERVER-82365 Optimize the construction of the balancer's collection distribution status histogram (2nd attempt)

  • SERVER-82437 db.collection.getSearchIndexes(<indexName>) returns duplicate index

  • SERVER-82676 gRPC unit tests reuse port, causing conflicts with concurrently running tests

  • SERVER-82706 check_metadata_consistency.js should use retriable writes when contacting config server

  • SERVER-82791 createView fails with StaleConfig if a sharded collection already exists with the same namespace

  • SERVER-82815 Expose server’s index key creation via aggregation

  • SERVER-82822 Remove Bad Invariant in RetryUntilMajorityCommit

  • SERVER-82967 Stepdown after calling ActiveIndexBuilds::registerIndexBuild() during index build setup doesn't unregister itself

  • SERVER-83003 $listSearchIndexes should throw on non-existent DB

  • SERVER-83119 Secondary replica crashes on clustered collection if notablescan is enabled

  • SERVER-83337 Re-enable wt_size_storer_cleanup_replica_set.js on macOS

  • SERVER-83369 Index creation does not enforce type of bucketSize field

  • SERVER-83454 Range Deleter Service registration and de-registration should not rely on onCommit ordering guarantees

  • SERVER-83492 Remove limit and skip values from SBE plan cache key if possible

  • SERVER-83534 Allow IDL generator to accomodate query_shape :custom

  • SERVER-83580 Re-introduce balancer policy unittests with multiple chunks

  • SERVER-83685 Make internalQueryFrameworkControl "trySbeRestricted" the default query knob

  • SERVER-83765 SessionWorkflow benchmark doesn't start up ServiceExecutors

  • SERVER-83766 SessionWorkflow benchmark's mocked sessions cannot access their transport layer

  • SERVER-83777 Cap $in length in plan cache key with internalQueryMaxScansToExplode + 1

  • SERVER-83825 increase log verbosity for write conflict retries in index_build_operation_metrics.js:

  • SERVER-83830 On Enterprise build creating a collection in a replica set with the storageEngine.inMemory option breaks secondaries

  • SERVER-83866 Update BACKPORTS_REQUIRED_BASE_URL from mongodb/mongo to 10gen/mongo

  • SERVER-83874 Move primary operation doesn't drop db.system.views on the donor

  • SERVER-83959 When preparing SBE plan, correctly pass preparingFromCache argument

  • SERVER-84013 Incorrect results for index scan plan on query with duplicate predicates in nested $or

  • SERVER-84063 Remove BlackDuck from Security Daily Cron

  • SERVER-84087 Make sure ExecutorPool gets terminated after migrations have completed

  • SERVER-84130 Incorrect bucket-level filter optimization when some events in the bucket are missing the field

  • SERVER-84137 Robustify batched_multi_deletes_with_write_conflicts.js

  • SERVER-84186 Add benchmark that runs math operations in Timeseries to sys perf

  • SERVER-84241 AsioTransportLayer::stopAcceptingSessions can deadlock if called before listener thread started listening

  • SERVER-84274 Make InListData sort and dedup its elements up-front

  • SERVER-84278 Don't generate plan cache entries for EOF plans

  • SERVER-84336 Timeseries inserts can leave dangling BSONObj in WriteBatches in certain cases

  • SERVER-84338 Top level $or queries may lead to invalid SBE plan cache entry which returns wrong results

  • SERVER-84353 The test for stepDown deadlock with read ticket exhaustion is flaky

  • SERVER-84369 Ineligible query reuses plan cache entry for a COUNT_SCAN (SBE only)

  • SERVER-84436 Handle skip + limit sum overflowing int64_t in SBE

  • SERVER-84468 Fix deadlock when running runTransactionOnShardingCatalog()

  • SERVER-84494 [v7.2] Remove $search tests in SBE since it is disabled in 7.2

  • SERVER-84502 Remove test_packages_release task from v7.3 branch

  • SERVER-84546 switch asan statically linked test to dynamic link

  • SERVER-84548 Using ShardServerCatalogCacheLoader on configsvr causes excessive WT data handles / memory usage

  • SERVER-84567 writeQueryStats should log an error rather than uassert when the feature flag is disabled

  • SERVER-84731 Resharding aggregation query should not acquire RSTL-IX when waiting lastStableRecoveryTimestamp

  • SERVER-85263 Report escaped client application name

  • SERVER-85306 Update sys-perf config to use HTTPs github links rather than SSH

  • SERVER-85652 Update DSI atlas azure tasks to use an AL2 compile artifact.

  • SERVER-85694 $searchMeta aggregation pipeline stage not passing correct query to mongot after PlanShardedSearch

  • SERVER-85776 Disable test facet_stats in replicated settings.

  • SERVER-85792 Backport new variants added to perf.yml over to sys-perf-7.2

  • SERVER-85836 TenantFileImporter service should skip the feature document while iterating through the donor mdb_catlog table.

  • SERVER-85959 Remove streams benchmarks from v7.2

  • SERVER-86081 Sys-perf missing required parameters due to Evergreen Redaction

  • SERVER-86165 Avoid stepdowns in merge_command_options.js

  • SERVER-86363 Make container registry login silent

  • SERVER-86381 Delete copybara staging file on v7.2

  • SERVER-86481 Jepsen set, register, and read concern majority tests are not running in Evergreen

  • WT-11669 Create new log record for backup ids

  • WT-11987 Table's version number dropped to version=(major=1,minor=0)

  • WT-12043 Remove obsolete HAVE_DIAGNOSTIC ifdefs to avoid memory leak

  • WT-12092 Update the WiredTiger version in dockerfile

  • WT-12099 race between mmap threads resizing and reading/writing

  • WT-12100 Fix csuite-long-running timeouts under MSan

  • WT-12110 Disable timestamp_abort backup tests in the compatibility mode

  • WT-12147 Temporarily disable clang-analyzer


Compatibility Changes in MongoDB 7.2


Release Notes for MongoDB 7.1