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7.1 Changelog

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  • 7.1.1 Changelog
  • SERVER-77479 Sharded rename participants may incorrectly snapshot/restore pending range deletion documents

  • SERVER-81241 Range deleter processor must not try reschedule task during service shutdown

  • SERVER-82069 Throwable function used in scope guard when registering index

  • SERVER-82364 Fix $config.transitions table for analyze_shard_key.js FSM workload

  • SERVER-71819 Broadcast collMod command to all shards

  • SERVER-78530 Enable feature flag

  • SERVER-78851 movePrimary may fail on clone phase if $out runs concurrently

  • SERVER-79384 Allow startup with unavailable Issuer URI

  • SERVER-80203 Normalization of time-series meta field can break insert targeting

  • SERVER-80358 Time-series inserts generate duplicate index fields in bucket document

  • SERVER-80878 query stats store size serverStatus metric can go below 0

  • SERVER-80886 $out may fail with a StaleDbVersion after a movePrimary

  • SERVER-80974 Unclean shutdown while dropping local.* collection and indexes can make the catalog inconsistent

  • SERVER-81028 Incorrect $listCatalog behavior in presence of a concurrent collection rename in v7.0

  • SERVER-81033 Ignore the collMod response from the DBPrimary shard if it has no chunks

  • SERVER-81049 Move queryStatsRead and queryStatsReadTransformed privileges into clusterMonitor builtin role

  • SERVER-81106 Recipient shard doesn't wait for the collection version to be locally persisted before starting the cloning phase

  • SERVER-81133 Speedup logic to persist routing table cache

  • SERVER-81201 Limiting the memory usage during the cloning phase on the recipient shard

  • SERVER-81238 random_DDL_setFCV_operations FSM workload tries operation during movePrimary

  • SERVER-81295 Cannot resume V2 changeStream pipelines with V1 resume tokens

  • SERVER-81340 CheckMetadataConsistency hook is not compatible with integration_tests_sharded suite

  • SERVER-81343 Add NamespaceNotFound as an expected error for resharding on random_DDL_CRUD_operations.js

  • SERVER-81372 Collection defragmentation phases sporadically jump backward

  • SERVER-81390 HashAggStage fails to respect the collation when spilling to disk

  • SERVER-81467 Run Jepsen list-append in Evergreen

  • SERVER-81939 Make configureQueryAnalyzer and analyzeShardKey command check that input namespace is correctly formatted

  • SERVER-81942 ShardingDDLCoordinator should retry on LockTimeout errors

  • SERVER-81966 Avoid modification of previous ChunkMap instances during refresh

  • SERVER-81985 FlushRoutingTableCacheUpdates command should not be allowed on databases

  • SERVER-82028 DDL operations on timeseries collection during tenant migration can crash the recipient due to an invariant failure.

  • SERVER-82070 Classic window function $stdDevSamp handles empty window frame incorrectly

  • SERVER-82178 Update references to ycsb_like_queryable_encrypt1_cfdefault_sharded in system_perf.yml

  • SERVER-82204 Classic window functions first/last handle missing field incorrectly

  • SERVER-82220 Avoid invariant during assertIsPrimaryShardForDb

  • SERVER-82234 Relax assertions in session_pooling.js

  • SERVER-82324 Fix data race when reading/writing the logical session id

  • SERVER-82328 Concurrent access to MovePrimaryCoordinatorDocument without acquiring mutex

  • SERVER-82428 Include idle connections in currentOp aggregate cmd in fsync.js

  • SERVER-82799 Increase reshardingCriticalSectionTimeoutMillis for resharding_update_tag_zones.js

  • SERVER-82803 CheckMetadataConsistency hook should ignore NetworkInterfaceExceededTimeLimit errors

  • WT-7929 Investigate a solution to avoid FTDC stalls during checkpoint

  • WT-11584 Fix test_checkpoint_stats test

  • WT-11586 Skip when tiered is enabled

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