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6.2 Changelog

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  • 6.2.1 Changelog

Changes are listed here when a patch release is available.

  • SERVER-70677 Update the fCV constant in the logkeeper snapshot workload for 6.2

  • SERVER-71969 Update system_perf.yml for compile-variant and compile_variant.

  • SERVER-72512 Indexes reported as valid when unable to return inconsistencies due to memory limit

  • SERVER-72677 Full validation doesn't always report information about indexes

  • SERVER-73636 Coverity analysis defect 135025: Inefficient vector resizing with reserve.

  • SERVER-73719 Comment out Legacy Build Variants in Sys-perf

  • SERVER-73745 Zero initialize IndexKeyBucket struct

  • SERVER-73822 Time-series $group rewrite ignores certain accumulators

  • SERVER-73833 Automatically remove unsupported 'recordPreImages' collection option at fCV upgrade time

  • WT-10461 Fix key out of order in skip list on weakly ordered architecture

  • WT-10584 Add missing read barriers in __cursor_skip_prev

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