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Compatibility Changes in MongoDB 6.1

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  • Aggregation
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  • Time Series Collections
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  • No Automatic Chunk Splitting
  • Sharding Metrics Changes


MongoDB 6.1 is a rapid release and is only supported for MongoDB Atlas. MongoDB 6.1 is not supported for use on-premises. For more information, see MongoDB Versioning.

This page describes changes introduced in MongoDB 6.1 that can affect compatibility with older versions of MongoDB.

The following changes to aggregation can affect compatibility with older versions of MongoDB.

Starting in MongoDB 6.1, when an $add expression receives an input list with multiple floating point values, MongoDB may return slightly different results compared to previous versions.

The $add expression no longer accounts for floating-point rounding errors. As a result, $add behaves like addition in most programming languages.

For example, the following $add expression returns a different result when run on MongoDB 6.1 compared to older versions:

$project: {
sumOfValues: {
$add: [ 0.1, 0.2, 0.3 ]

MongoDB 6.1 and later output:

_id: ObjectId("6390f8085425651d8d0ef0a7"),
sumOfValues: 0.6000000000000001

MongoDB 6.0 and earlier output:

_id: ObjectId("6390f8085425651d8d0ef0a7"),
sumOfValues: 0.6

Starting in MongoDB 6.1, journaling is always enabled. As a result, MongoDB removes the storage.journal.enabled option and the corresponding --journal and --nojournal command-line options.

Starting in MongoDB 6.1, SNMP is removed. All related command line options prevent mongod from starting. To monitor your deployment, use MongoDB Ops Manager.

You cannot create a view from a time series bucket collection namespace (namely, a collection prefixed with system.buckets).

If you are upgrading to MongoDB 6.1 from a prior version, you must drop all views which are created on system.buckets collections.

Starting in MongoDB 6.1, the default value for coordinateCommitReturnImmediatelyAfterPersistingDecision is false.

Starting in MongoDB 6.1, automatic chunk splitting is not performed. This is because of balancing policy improvements. Auto-splitting commands still exist, but do not perform an operation. For details, see Balancing Policy Changes.

Starting in MongoDB 6.1, the following auto-splitting commands do not perform an operation:

currentOp.opStatus is removed from the resharding metrics in MongoDB 6.1. For a list of new metrics that replace the reporting currentOp.opStatus provided, see the release notes.

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