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MongoDB Spark Connector

Write to MongoDB in Batch Mode


Save Modes

The MongoDB Spark Connector supports the following save modes:

  • append

  • overwrite

If you specify the overwrite write mode, the connector drops the target collection and creates a new collection that uses the default collection options. This behavior can affect collections that don't use the default options, such as the following collection types:

  • Sharded collections

  • Collections with nondefault collations

  • Time-series collections

To learn more about save modes, see the Spark SQL Guide.


If your write operation includes a field with a null value, the connector writes the field name and null value to MongoDB. You can change this behavior by setting the write configuration property ignoreNullValues.

For more information about setting the connector's write behavior, see Write Configuration Options.

To learn more about the types used in these examples, see the following Apache Spark API documentation:

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