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Ruby MongoDB Driver

Contribute to the Driver

To report a bug in the driver or request a feature specific to the Ruby driver:

  1. Visit our issue tracker and login (or create an account if you do not have one already).

  2. Navigate to the RUBY project.

  3. Click Create Issue and fill out all of the applicable form fields.

When creating an issue, please keep in mind that all information in JIRA for the RUBY project, as well as the core server (the SERVER project), is publicly visible.


  • Provide as much information as possible about the issue.

  • Provide detailed steps for reproducing the issue.

  • Provide any applicable code snippets, stack traces and log data. Do not include any sensitive data or server logs.

  • Specify version numbers of the driver and MongoDB server.


  • Provide any sensitive data or server logs.

  • Report potential security issues publicly (see 'Security Issues' below).


Bug reports in JIRA for the Ruby driver and the core server (the SERVER) projects are public.

If you identified a potential security vulnerability in the Ruby driver or any other MongoDB product, please report it according to the instructions found in the Create a Vulnerability Report.

To request a feature which is not specific to the Ruby driver, or which affects more than the driver alone (for example, a feature which requires MongoDB server support), please submit your idea through the MongoDB Feedback Forum.

The MongoDB Ruby driver source is located at GitHub.

The list of known issues in the driver is available in JIRA.

We recommend creating a JIRA ticket before starting work on a bug fix or an improvement to the driver, to obtain feedback from the Ruby driver team as to the proposed changes. A JIRA ticket is not required to submit a pull request but it is appreciated, especially for non-trivial changes.

Pull requests should be made against the master branch and include relevant tests, if applicable. The Ruby driver team will backport the changes to the stable branches, if needed.

A MongoDB deployment is required to run the tests. Setup procedures and recommendations for various deployments, as well as how to configure the driver's test suite for the deployments, are covered in the spec readme.

The driver is tested on Evergreen, MongoDB's in-house continuous integration platform. After a pull request is created, one of the Ruby driver team engineers will schedule an Evergreen build.


Additional Resources