The driver provides various helpers on database objects for executing commands, getting collection lists, and administrative tasks.

List Collections

To get a list of collections or collection names for a database, use collections and collection_names, respectively.

client =[ '' ], database: 'music')
database = client.database

database.collections      # Returns an array of Collection objects.
database.collection_names # Returns an array of collection names as strings.

Arbitrary Comands

To execute any command on the database, use the command method.

client =[ '' ], database: 'music')
database = client.database

result = database.command(:ping => 1)
result.first # Returns the BSON::Document returned from the server.


Specifying server API version as a client option and also specifying any of the respective command parameters to the command method (i.e. the apiVersion, apiStrict and apiDeprecationErrors command parameters) at the same time is not allowed and will produce an error.

Drop Database

To drop a database, use the drop method.

client =[ '' ], :database => 'music')